Float Count Up & Count Down

Hello all! Ive been messing around with UMA but I have a fairly simple problem haha. I want to make a float basically go from -1.0f to 1.0f, & then back from 1.0f to -1.0f and stay idle until the mouse is clicked again, a simple loop counter… So here is my script, free cookies to those with empty tummys <3

			if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0)) {
				m_Animator.SetTrigger ("Attack");
				mouthclose = false;
				mouthopen = true;
			//OPENS MOUTH ON CLICK (For Yell)//
			if (m_uma.mouth >= -1.0f && mouthopen == true && mouthclose == false && m_uma.mouth <= 1.0f) {
				m_uma.mouth += Time.deltaTime;
				mouthclose = true;
				mouthopen = false;

You can always create an animation that controls a custom property between -1 and 1 and that then by code is reflected into the mouth wideness. You can then reshape the animation curve for smoother less scripted & robotic appearance. It seems more natural than code-only approach.

Im not sure what you mean to animate, in a new program itself? The jaw looks natural with the time lerp I have but its not correct I cant get it to go back & stop moving.