floats and lists

Hey everyone! Got a noob question for you here but I really can’t find the solution…

A void requires 2 floats (as in a list) in one (I will share the code after explaining) and another it requires 8. The problem I am having is, how do you separate the list? Because I really don’t have a clue…

Thanks for the answer to my noob question everyone! Hope you haven’t lost any faith in humanity because of it!

Here’s the code:

public void TextureTerrain(float[] slopeStops, float[] heightStops, Texture2D[] textures)

If I understand you correctly you want to do something like this:

// of size 10 I presume
float[] list;

float[] firstpart = new float[2];
float[] secondpart = new float[8];

for(int i=0; i<2; ++i){
    firstpart _= list*;*_


for(int i=2; i<10; ++i){
secondpart[i-2] = list*;*