Flooded Market (Alpha Playtest)

Compete with 50 other real estate agents to flip houses in a to-scale recreation of San Francisco as sea level rise submerges the city.

  • Buy, Sell, Renovate and Rent properties to turn a profit!

  • Scour the market to find the best deals and place your bids

  • Renovate your properties to increase their value or rent them out to get an instant return on your investment

  • When the time is right, sell to the highest bidder

  • Become a Realtor, Contractor or Landlord

  • Each action you perform helps you build a specialization in your craft which unlocks lucrative bonuses

  • Don’t end up underwater!

  • Waterfront properties are worth more but there is also a higher risk of being destroyed by sea level rise

  • Vote on citywide policy changes to progress your agenda

  • New policies are enacted every 5 turns and can affect anything from housing prices to renovation costs

  • Bribe politicians to receive unique benefits

  • Politicians sell their services to the highest bidder

  • Play online with up to 50 other players

  • Don’t have 50 friends to play with? AI players will automatically fill any empty spots

Upgrade, rent or list your property on the market

Accept or reject offers

Move between neighborhoods in this to-scale representation of San Francisco

Policies have citywide effects that last for 5 turns

Bribe politicians for unique benefits

Don’t end up underwater!

Become the master of the real estate market

Alpha Test
Flooded Market has been in development by a small team for nearly a year, and now we are opening it up to the public for a short playtest to gather feedback. We’d love to hear what you think!

PC Download

the download link doesn't work. It shows this:

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