Floor texture issue. Default cube stretches texture with it's transform scale

Hi I am new to unity.

I would like to know if there is any way to make the the floors evenly?

The floors are made up of many different cubes with a same material.

Thank u

Blender way of fixing this

The very first thing a 3d modeler would do in this situation is to edit these meshes in Blender and fix UV mapping by performing basic planar UV projection for all of them and export them back to Unity.

Shaders/Shader-Graph way of fixing this

If you’re not familiar with Blender just yet or you want to keep these meshes as default cube for longer (so level is easier to prototype/change in editor) - then you can solve this by creating a shader that performs planar UV projection in vertex shader. This is not 100% ideal solution but very simple one and often just good enough in many cases.

To make the materials not stretch based of the size of the object, I believe you would have to create a new material for each object, but in your texture to the material, and set the tiling to the size of the specific object, and then apply the material.