Floor to damage player


I’m trying to make a floor which slows, damage, etc. the player when the player moves on top of it…
my player is a Rigidbody with 2D collision on, and the floor should be without collision …

im not sure how would i communicate between the two object since one has a collision and the other is not, so i though maybe there is a way to check if two rigidbodies are on top of each other?

im quit not sure how would i check this condition tried to search online but i didn’t know what should i search for so… :smiley:

sorry if this is very basic but yeh ^^

Best Regards,

You can put a box collider on the floor and check the is Trigger option, make sure the trigger area is high enough so that it can detect the player, add a tag “Player” to the player character, then use something like this:

public int health = 100;
public float speed = 20.0f;
public bool isIn = false;

void Update(){
speed = speed/2;
void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D enter){
if(enter.gameobject.tag == "Player"){
isIn = true;

void OnTriggerExti2D(Collider2D exit){
if(exit.gameobject.tag == "Player"){
isIn = false;

Hope it helps