Flying AI enemy with many tasks

I have a 3D enemy that I created. I need a script to make that enemy fly, summon other 2 enemies, shoot on me and then fly up me, throw something on me and do all this again. The enemy should be hard to kill. It should go like that:

  • Fly from the base;
  • Stop somewhere;
  • Land and summon enemy1;
  • Wait few seconds;
  • Take off;
  • Go another plase;
  • Land and summon enemy2;
  • Wait few seconds;
  • Take off;
  • Fly to my plase while shoot on me;
  • Stop shoot and drop someting on me;
  • Fly back to the base;
  • Wait until enemy1 die (if enemy1 died befor - wait few seconds);
  • Do all this again;

The flying from and to the base should be faster then the other tasks. If it to hard to make I understand it.

Sorry for poor english.

Dude, you have the right algorithm, just need to be creative in the moment of scripting, try to make exactly as you request, and after some time you will learn to make AI scripts

good luck