Flying space game rotate X axis problem

i just starting out with building hte basis of a space game with mouse controls and keyboard, i have my W as throttle and mouse for rotation, my problem is though that now i can only turn UP (moving my mouse down as intended) but i cannot get it to go abive 0 in my “yew” igt goes to minus perfectly fine, but i cannot get my space craft to “dive” :confused:
my code is as follow:

	public float yew = 0f;
	public float yewMax = 0f;	

		if(engineOn == true){
			yew += Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * 50f * Time.deltaTime;

		yew = Mathf.Max(Mathf.Min(yew,yewMax),(-45f));
		if(yew > 0 && Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") == 0f){
			yew-=Time.deltaTime * 10f;
			yew = Mathf.Max(yew,0);

Any help would be apreaciated ^^ im still VERY new to unity and coding in general so be gentle hehe!
Best regards Martin

I’m almost positive this line’s your problem:

yew = Mathf.Max(Mathf.Min(yew,yewMax),(-45f));

What your saying is, lock yew to: -45 < yew < yewMax (set to 0).

Make yewMax more than zero, or yew won’t go above zero.