FMOD 2010 Unity Plugin?

I’ve got FMOD 4.28 builds working in Unity with the 4.26 version seen here:

However I would like to use FMOD 2010. If I use that plugin, it complains about the format of the fev file. Is there an up to date FMOD plugin for Unity?

If anyone knows a way Unity can natively read and parse the fev and fsb files, that would be a solution as well. I’m aware Unity contains FMOD but it’s a tiny implementation - trust me, I can’t use it.

That plugin is really old. It was designed for Unity 2.5, and has since become unusable because Unity already uses FMOD internally, and the libraries conflict really badly! I’m told that Unity 3.5 will have at least some of the functionality you are looking for. I made a decent set of implementations for SquareTangle’s plugin a few years back, (which should be hanging around somewhere still) but I doubt they’d still work well in Unity 3.

All I can really recommend for you at this point would be to wait until proper FMOD sound event functionality gets implemented in Unity. I could ask Adam if they have any plans for updating the plugin, but I don’t think they will.