FMOD for VisionOS

Hi - we are porting a fully immersive game to visionOS, but our game uses FMOD for audio. Does anyone on the Unity side have a contact at FMOD that can supply a version of their Unity plugin compiled for VisionOS? Thanks!

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I’m actually in the exact same situation. Can we expect a FMOD support for VisionOS in the near future?

What I hear from their support is that it will be available in December or early next year, which is tough… But given how far out that is, I think there might be some work behind the scenes trying to accelerate this. I’ll update here if I find out more.

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I got an update from FMOD that they plan on releasing a beta “before the end of October” - much better :slight_smile:


Do you know where to apply for their beta program? Thank you!

I was just emailing actually… I don’t think they’ve setup anything official yet AFAIK

ok, sweet. Thank you @puddle_mike!

Update: I just got access to an fmod package that supports VisionOS so if you are needing it, contact their support!