Fog consistency issues

Hey all,
I’m having an issue with fog on iOS devices. The fog seems to be rendering but it’s filling the whole screen rather than beginning a distance away from the camera. I’m using Exp2 and have tried with linear and Exponential but received the same problems.
Obviously it’s running as expected in the editor, but this isn’t translating with device.
The scene has a couple of projectors, but even with those turned off it still seems to be an issue. The same goes for lightmaps.
Does anybody have any clues as to why this would be happening?

In Editor:

On iPad:

Updated screenshots. Both have the same settings.

-Exp2 fog at 0.025 density
-Single lightmap
-No directional light
-Midtone ambient light
-2 projectors for blob shadow and light caustics.

  • All objects bar the sand is using the same material and is static batched.