Fog, mist and cloud.


I was woundering wheither there is a way to create tiered or varied levels of fog.

For example,

in a mountain/valley scene you will want to have mist/cloud around the mid-peak of the mountain and fog in a “evil” forrest. Mist would also be ideal in the valley with all other areas having little to no mist/fog at all.

I am aware that you can change the level of general fog, but I am looking for something that will create a better feel for my game.

Use this package. It’s free too.

Try this package. It’s free too.
It’s amazing

This is extremely simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Go up to the top
  2. Edit < Render Settings
  3. Look at the inspector
  4. Make sure the Fog box is checked
  5. Change Fog color to what you want
  6. I’m not sure what the fog mode does
  7. Change density
  8. Change how close you want the fog to start
  9. Change how far away it will go

The rest doesn’t have to do with fog so forget it. Hope this helps :). Happy game making.