Fog of war for a 2D game.


i’m a beginner on Unity.
I’m currently working on a simple 2D RPG game with a top view system who follow my player object on a “map scene”. I’m looking for a solution to create a fog of war on the map and i don’t know how to do it.
I read some post and watched some tutorial but i can’t find a solution yet. Don’t know if i need to use shader or mesh or an other way…

If someone can help me, he will be a hero ^^

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your reply,
But i already find that post and saw this tutorial, i don’t know how to use it in a 2D project…
I don’t know how to use plane in a 2D environement. i can’t get it visible even if i rotate it.
That’s my problem.

Hi, thanks, but i already this this post and the tutorial, but it’s for 3D environement and i work in a 2D project, i don’t know how to use element like plane, if i rotate it, it does not appear. i really don’t know how to use in 2d…

Google is your friend.