Fog on Android Issue

I’m using exponential fog that is the same color as my sky to make the edge of my game seem to “Disappear” but when i run the game on my android, the environment disappears and fades in and out of view depending on how far i go. Are there specific settings for using fog on Android or should i just not use it?

As my memory on documentation and please correct me if i am wrong, Unity do not support fog on mobile device.

I am using fog on android and its working sometimes. Is fog still of for android devices? I have the following problem:

I am using a galaxy S2. And see the same effect. All looks fine in the editor, but in the game scene some close objects appear foggy while the same object is bright when far away in the scene on the device. However I use the same prefab and fog settings in the menu scene where the fog works perfectly.

The only difference is that I instantiate the objects with different scripts between the scenes. Which is weird because the only difference in the script is in the menu scene I move the object automatically, yet in the game scene the object move as the player moves… This is really confusing me. Any advice?

I had this problem on mobile devices for IOS and Android. The fog would change for every device I used with the exponential settings. But, if you just use linear fog it will work consistently as you see it in the editor.

Sorry for late reply, but I had similar problem few hours ago. It first started when I was optimizing some meshes in my game. Basically the problem is with large meshes with low poly count. I made a huge floor mesh with less than 100 polys and this problem started appearing. After subdividing the mesh (it’s roughly 1600 polys now) and the problem disappeared. Also I am using linear fog.