Follow curved path plus also swipes

hello guys , I have to find a way to move the character automatically in a curved path (like Runner games)
but also be able to swipe right and left. I have already tried using navmesh and setting destination step by step and also tried working with path generating and using waypoints. currenly my character can follow a curved path smoothly but I cannot find a way to combine its movement with swiping to result in an smooth and nice move.
overall what i want is something like this :


I really don’t know, if there is a better way to get it, but maybe you should put trigger colliders all along the path, and each collider makes the characters turn to look at the next collider, if colliders are smoll, the turn will be soft. So characters really have free movement, but their “pointing ahead” will be rotated every time enter a new collider. Then, speed should be reduced proportionally to the quantity of rotation.

Or something like this :smiley: