Follow path wit Angy Ant

Hey Guys,

I have got some problems to implement Angry Ants Path. I positioning and calculation some Waypoints, and start coding. After setting my Destination with
GetComponent().targetPosition = Entity.transform.position; I want to follow the calculated path. But how can I store this path in my _currentPath?

Second, i got the message

Recieved new path from to takes 0,00071356 Seconds, but without StartNode and EndNode. Wahts wrong?

I found StartNode and EndNode don’t work as expected.

Your path may not traverse through any nodes since you walk directly from you initial position to the final position. (If this is the case but not desired, check the blocking layers on your Navigator Component or disable “Use Shortcuts”).

I Use Path.StartPosition and Path.EndPosition as my initial and final Nodes.
To iterate through all positions of the waypoints in my path I use

Path.Segments[ index ].To.transform.position

To store your Path: find or create a

void OnNewPath( Path path ) 

function. It can be defined on any component that is attached to the same GameObject has your Navigator component. The parameter received by this function is the newly found path which you can then assign to your _currentPath variable.

I assume, since you get the Consolue output, you already have a OnNewPath function defined somewhere.