following camara issue

Hello guys,

I started with Unity development some weeks ago and still learning a lot, but I'm facing a very strange issue involving a following camera.

I'm using scripts taken from the standard assets Unity provides, but the camara is not smooth when the object is moving fast (rigidbody.velocity > 60).

I uploaded a youtube video to show this odd issue. In the top side of the video you'll see a static camera showing that the object movement is smooth, and in the bottom side you'll see the following camera (it's a 2D following camera). Note that when the object goes fast, it starts to glitch.

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to add the video link:

This is the JS code used for the camara (SmoothFollow2D):

var target : Transform;
var smoothTime = 0.3;
private var thisTransform : Transform;
private var velocity : Vector2;

function Start()
thisTransform = transform;

function LateUpdate()
thisTransform.position.x = Mathf.SmoothDamp( thisTransform.position.x,
target.position.x, velocity.x, smoothTime);
thisTransform.position.y = Mathf.SmoothDamp( thisTransform.position.y,
target.position.y, velocity.y, smoothTime);

The target is set to a gameobject containing all the objects used for hte UFO.

What could be happening?

Thanks in advance for your help, Juan.

parent the camera to the object manually in the hierarchy. Don't attach the script.