Following instruction for drag and drop 3d object unity but not working

Hi so i have followed every instruction from youtube videos (Unity tutorial : Smooth Drag and drop in unity - YouTube) but in the game mode i still cant drag and drop my cube, the cube just stay still when i click and drag it. This problem really gave me a headache i’m pretty sure i have followed every detail from the video and repeat it over and over, thank’s for your time and help i really appreciate and need it, thank youuuu. here is some picture to show you what i have done.,

Hi there!

It is possible you have the orientation wrong. The dragging tutorial only allows for dragging in the X and Y axis, not the Z, so if you have it orientated wrong there might be an issue.
A second error could be that the tutorial is outdated (I haven’t tried it out myself though). For a more updated tutorial, check out this one:

Good luck!