Font becomes invisible until reimport

I’ve been struggling with this for few hours and I give up ;_;

I had a problem with my text being invisible. I then noticed that the material is somehow broken, so I just switched to material from another font. However, it disappeared again after running the game. So after some tinkering, I discovered that when I reimport the font, the text appears again, but as soon as I run play mode, the material gets broken again and I have to reimport the font.

Here’s a video of what happens: Unity font material problem - YouTube

At 0:12 I right-clicked the font and selected reimport.

Am I doing something wrong? Using Unity 2018.2.6f1


Probably worth to mention that it doesn’t happen if I disable the two top texts and leave only the bottom one. But I use similar setup on other scenes and it doesn’t break.

Ok, finally found the problem :confused:

I was changing the material color inside script. Still, it’s counter-intuitive that this change stays after stopping game, changing scene or (untested) restarting editor.