Font letter spacing issues in WebGL mode

The following shows a popup window rendered using the WebPlayer:


The same popup window has some font issues when rendered using WebGL mode:


Notice that the letters are not as “crisp” and they are a bit more squished together. Is there an editor option can address this?

IF you are using the very same settings across the different build targets it looks like a bug.
Please file a bug report and attach your demo project that shows this issue.
See Unity QA - Bug Reporting - Unity

@pvnick I am having this exact same font issue with webgl… Did you ever find a solution?

I packaged the Helvetica font with the game and set it to use that, which looked crisper. I also used a letter spacing script, which can be found somewhere in the Unity store, in order to widen the space between the letters. It just involved doing a lot of tweaking to get it to look the way it did in the webplayer mode.