Font Material color changes back to default on save?

I am trying to change the colors of some fonts in my project. I guess the right procedure for that is duplicate the font, assign font and material to 3dText and then change the color of the font material. However when I change the color of the font material it does what I want, but as soon as I hit save it switches back to default white. Any ideas? Am I stupid? :wink:

Hm, ok it seems the process is even weirder than I remembered. The correct way would have been this:

  1. Create new Material
  2. Assign the GUI/Text shader to it.
  3. Assign the font texture from the imported font to the new material.
  4. Assign that material to your text object.

I guess I fall for this everytime I try to do it, so hopefully now I can lookup my own answer to this problem…

Thank you!! Had the same problem)) helped me too)))