Font Metrics

I’m building a HUD dynamically using TextMesh to draw text.

It would be incredibly useful to be able to determine what the dimensions of a given string would be, in pixels, using a given font without scaling, so that I can write code to perform sensible layout and aspect ratio decisions, yet I can’t seem to find a way to obtain this information at the point when I update the mesh transform (I’ve seen the GUI CalcSize/CalcScreenSize functions, but those can only be used in an OnGUI handler!).

How do I obtain the metrics for a given font/string?

Looks like GUIStyle.CalcSize() is available even outside OnGUI(), so the following implements an XNA-like MeasureString():

public static class Extensions
	static GUIStyle s_guiStyle = new GUIStyle();
	public static Vector2 MeasureString( this Font _font, string _string )
		s_guiStyle.font = _font;		
		return s_guiStyle.CalcSize(new GUIContent(_string));

Still holding out for something not so nastily hacky though!