Font Scaling Issues

I'm building a basic GUI for a simulation that has a fair amount of text in it. Right now I'm referring to a title banner (using GUI.Label) that I would like to take up the same relative screen space regardless of the total size.

Other than making a multitude of different sizes for the same font, is there a way to scale a font based on the size of the area in which it is being used?

It's easiest if you use a GUIText object instead of a GUI.Label, because then you can uncheck "pixel correct" and set the scale of the GUIText instead. This way it will automatically be scaled to whatever resolution you use.

I also recommend you check component -> text mesh. Those things are marvelous (and little known) creatures, they are actual 3D objects which mean they re-scale automatically to whatever resolution you're at. A God send for any auto-stretching GUI.