Font Size Change. Android.

so my game has a Gui Text and i notice when i play the game in the editor the font size is what i want it to be. but when i build and run it to my galaxy s5 i notice that the font is way to small. and ideas on how to fix it? i what the text to be consistent with all screen resolution.
this is what i have so far on trying to fix the problem.`

public int FontSize;
private float widthHeightRatio;
public int num;

void Start () 


void SetScale()

	widthHeightRatio = (float)Screen.width/Screen.height;
	print (widthHeightRatio );
	num = FontSize * Screen.width/Screen.height;
	guiText.fontSize = num;



Generally you would only need to multiply with the screen’s height

Text that should be a 10th of the screen height would use :

guiText.fontSize = (int)(Screen.height * 0.1);

If you are developing for both a portrait and landscape layout,

you could try :

guiText.fontSize = (int)(Mathf.Min(Screen.height, Screen.width) * 0.1);