Football - 2D


I’m trying to learn about physical things and I wanna try to make a football game kind of.
It’s not gonna be advance, it’s just about learning the basics mostly.
So as the player uses CTRL to kick, the football doesn’t react in a good way etc! I have tried a lot of different things with the colliders.
The game is 2D by the way, using the Robot Guy controller from Unity Assets.

Any suggestion on making a decent football physic?

Test and see what I mean:
CTRL to Kick

Link to scene

Please ignore the broken animation and graphics :slight_smile:

(Your link seems to be broken. )
If you add a rigidbody to your football (if it doesn’t already have one) you can use
Rigidbody2D.addForce(); to move it.
You can use e.g. a trigger Collider that is slightly larger than the player to detect if the ball is next to the player. Couple these two techniques and you should get something cool :slight_smile:

Here is a link to the documentation for AddForce()

And here is a decent tutorial on how to implement it:

Good luck!