Footsteps not playing on Flash Export

Hello UA people.

I did read somewhere in the documentation that there are some audio issues with exporting to Flash so this is obviously the problem. However someone may know a way around it.

I have footsteps playing whenever isMoving is set to true in my script (on a loop) this works fine in Unity but when i put it online it doesn’t.

I guessing this is because Flash does not support changing sound in script (since i have some ambient music that plays on start in a loop that works fine) has anyone else encountered this problem and know a way round it?

Cheers in advance.

Ok, so I answered my own question again, but if anyone else needs to know this is a work around.

If you want to make footsteps work in Flash you can’t use functions such as animation.Stop() etc because Flash does not support changing sound in script. What i did was create an empty game object attactched to the camera with the footstep sound on it playing on start and on a loo. Then in script you simply activate/reactive that game object.

The only issue with this is that it doesn’t play the sound in sync with the steps and will stop a sound halfway through when you stop. But it will defiantly do the job.