For a 2d game do i use 3d phsyics since theres no 2d game objects?

i have a 2d game but some physics aren’t working then i realized its because im using mixed 2d physics and 3d physics .

so which dio i use ? i mean either 2d game or 3d game unity ONLY has 3d GAME objects there are no 2d game objects to add, take a look at adding a gameobject it only has 3d if u look under 2d game objects theres only 1 option “sprite” so you must add and work with 3d objects because its the only ones unity allows. And remember when you add a 3d gameobject you now are bound by it and must use 3d physics with those 3d objects you see - its misleading, so even if u open a 2d game theres only 3d objects to add and then you must add only 3d physics for them to work properly. So which so which do i use?

You can use 2D physics on 3D meshes. For example, create a cube from the 3D objects list, remove the box collider then add 2D box collider and 2D rigidbody.