(For Loop) Converting Gui Button to GuiText & GuiTexture


I’m new to programming and I’ve written my game out using OnGUI. I’m trying to move the game over to use touch, so I’m attempt to convert my Buttons to Gui Textures and Gui Text. I’m not sure how to convert this button set up to be the same using gui texture & text.

What it should be doing is creating a new button with the name of the item on it for each item in the itemArray. If that button is clicked, then the item is removed and a new one takes it’s place.

for ( var a = 0; a < itemArray.Length; a++)
	if(GUI.Button(Rect (20  + (110 * a), 350, 100, 30), "" + item[a].name))
		itemDeleted = item[a].name;						

See with: Unity - Scripting API: GUIElement.HitTest

You can iterate through the touches and check them against each GUITexture and the HitTest