for loop in start function

is it possible to put a for loop in the start function, i’m asking this because i want to carry a series of operation that would be very easy in a for loop at when the script begin. Currently for me, the for loop doens’t work just i want to know if it regularly work and if not is there any other way i could do something like a for loop in the start function
thank you for answering if anyone does

You have your ‘for’ wrong.

for(variable; whilst[condition]; do-this)

i>num.Length; <---- switch your > to <

For i, whilst its less than
num.Length, increment.


You can put a for loop anywhere you like.

You could do any sort of loop anywhere you like.

Just be aware that long loops are a large cause of performance drops. Infinite loops will cause your game to freeze without any warning.

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