For loop on collision (two hit kill)

ok so i thought this would have been a super easy script to write, but it seems i was wrong, im trying to have an ammo collide with an object twice and on the second hit destroy it. (a 2 hit kill) I am trying to use a for loop todo this but if you know another way it would be great!

 function OnCollisionEnter(theCollision : Collision){
        if( == "bull(Clone)"){
          var i : int = 0;
            for(i = 0;i>= 2;i++)
            if (i == 2) 

oooo, and i'm not concerned with the brackets, this isn't my EOF, just a snippet.

You need to track your variables correctly. You don't need a loop at all. Your loop would never run anyway; I'd recommend further study into loops.

var hitsToKill : int;

private var hits : int;

function OnCollisionEnter (theCollision : Collision) {
    if ( == "bull(Clone)") 
        if (hits == hitsToKill - 1) Destroy(gameObject);
        else hits++;

you can do this:

 var hits :int=0;
function OnCollisionEnter (theCollision :Collision){
if( == "bull(Clone)"){