For Loop Won't Stop Running...

Hello, for some reason my for loop won’t stop running. I don’t understand why, but my code is:

var Prefab : Transform;
var forValue : float;

var XPos : float;
var YPos : float;
var ZPos : float;
function Start(){
XPos = 1.829174;
YPos = -105.606;
ZPos = 1.927386;
function Update()

for (forValue = 0; forValue <= 68; forValue++) {
Debug.Log("Value of X is: " + forValue);
Instantiate(Prefab, new Vector3(XPos,YPos,ZPos), Quaternion.identity);
XPos += 1.829174;


Thank you if you know how to fix this :smiley:

your for loop is inside Update, so you create 69 instances of your prefab every frame.

If you want to run the loop only once, put it inside “Start” and not Update