For statement errors?

So, I am working on a parenting script that will make an array of objects parent to another object. Before I go any further, here is my script-

var allforces : GameObject [];
var editmode = true;

function Update () {
	allforces = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("force");
		editmode = !editmode;
		if(editmode == true) {         //what happens if the player switches from edit mode to play mode
			Gotoedit ();

function Gotoedit () {
	for(var i : int = 0; !i = allforces.length; i++) {
		allforces*.transform.parent = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("fuse");*
  • }*
    The first part of the script works perfectly (function Update), but the (function Gotoedit) does not work. I keep getting the errors
    1. Assets/Standard Assets/Scripts/modemanager.js(21,56): BCE0043: Unexpected token: ).
    2. Assets/Standard Assets/Scripts/modemanager.js(21,33): BCE0044: expecting ;, found ā€˜=ā€™.
    This is very annoying, as I cannot work on the script (or the game, for that matter) until I have fixed the errors. This is my first time messing around with FOR statements, so pardon me if this is an noob mistake. I got all my references from the following links-
    Unity Connect
    How do I use 'for' to create loops in my script (and what is ! for?) - Unity Answers
    I seem to have gotten the form of the FOR statement right, but I remain getting the same result. Could someone PLEASE figure out what Iā€™m doing wrong?
    *Javascript only, please

You probably want

!i == allforces.length

instead of

!i = allforces.length

== is a comparison, = is an assignment.