Force a timeline clip to a fixed duration

I am making a new clip for the timeline and it makes no real sense for it to be ‘resizable’, so I would like to give it a fixed length based on an asset given as a parameter.

I’ve tried setting the clip duration in the CreateMixer function of the track, but the user can change this by dragging the clip’s right side border.

How would i go about doing this?


Unfortunately there is no mechanism in place to prevent the user from being able to resize the clip.

I understand. I think it would be a cool feature to support in the future :slight_smile:

As 2nd best option, I would like to emulate the AudioClip behavior which set it’s proper length when being created; with the resize control ‘sticking’ a bit at the ‘native’ duration of the clip.
I couldn’t find any documentation about this, do you have any pointers?