Force EventSystem to updating when application not in focus

Hey folks!

I’ve found that the EventSystem doesn’t continue to update PointerEventData when the application window is no longer in focus. It also sets the ‘EventSystem.isFocused’ value to false.
Input.mousePosition still gives the correct values however, and buttons are still hovering.

Is there a way to force the EventSystem to essentially ignore the ‘isFocused’ flag and continue processing events when the application is out of focus?

‘Run In Background’ is enabled already.

Looks like I have a solution.

 PointerEventData d = new PointerEventData(EventSystem.current);
 d.position = Input.mousePosition;

By creating a new PointerEventData and manually setting the mouse position, it will allow the ‘d’ variable to be used in the GraphicsRaycaster class for UI input.