force feedback on Phantom devices

Is there anyone who can guide me on how to use the Haptics plugin to generate pushing effect on the stylus of a Phantom device?

I can generate resistance-like forces using the Haptics plugin. But, that is not what I want. I need a force feedback to push the device’s stylus away towards a desired direction, just like wind power.

Or, attract the Phantom device’s stylus towards a target.

This is open Haptics, a free haptic interface plugin for Unity 5

Both of the things you are asking are easily doable, In the Documentation PDF you can find instructions on the different forces that can be simulated by your device.

U can use a constant force for simulating “wind”, I have tried the “Gravity” feature, and it works beautifully, I bet that you can change the direction and maybe add variable magnitude to give it a real wind feel

As for the stylus being drawn to a target point. That is implemented in the “String” type force which literally does what you need.

Hoping that was helpful