Force iOS Speakers When Recording issue, or workaround?,Force iOS Speakers when Recording Issue or Workaround If Headphones are plugged in?

My game features voice chat while playing, and this is a problem for iOS users. The sound comes out from ear/headphone speakers when the mic is on, so they can hardly hear what the other players are saying.
If I check the Force iOS Speakers when Recording, it solves the issue, but the problem is, how about the players using headphones?
I understand this is not a new issue, and the bug is still waiting to be fixed. But I was wondering if there is a way to make the Forcing dynamic? It doesn’t have to ‘turn on and off’ on demand, but maybe once at start of application, let the player decide if he is using headset or not, and thus force speaker or not. Is that possible (or possible natively)?

Hey @bencheam , Did you found any solution for this issue, I too having this issue, the sound getting from earpiece not through speaker, how to manage switching between bluetooth and speaker.
For my case the sound should come from speaker,if bluetooth is connected then needs to shift to bluetooth.