Force windowed mode?

Hello, everyone. So, my game doesn’t have a main menu. Just a loading screen, the actual game, a few game over sequences and credits. However, I don’t want the players of my game to have to reboot their entire system just to leave the game. With this being said, does anybody know a good way to force the Windowed option in Unity? The game is running on Unity 4.5.1p3. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you!

You’d be better off adding a Quit option, even if it’s just if they press the ESC key or something
Application.Quit() method: Unity - Scripting API: Application.Quit

Users can also simply press Alt + F4 to quit on Windows (don’t know about Mac etc).

Also, Alt + Enter (on Windows) usually switches between full screen and windowed mode, so that might work also (not sure if it does with Unity builds)

Ctrl + Shift + B , you can open player setting, there are options under Resolution and Presentation that you can choose