forcing camera to see 800 x 600 world coordinates

Any way to force the camera to see only 800 x 600 world coordinates at z = 0 ?

edit: (actually, z coord isn’t important as long as the camera is looking straight down a z-line with orthographic projection)

Set the Cameras Projection to Orthographic, Size to 300 (half of the height) and make sure your view is forced at 4:3 aspect ratio, then just point it down Z.

After some experiment, The area the camera can see is dependant on the size and the viewport size. With a viewport 500500, a size 250 will give you a 500500 world unit area. I think it's something like (size * 2 * ratio, size * 2 ).

Conclusion, Try a camera of size 300 with a viewport ratio 4/3, such as 800*600.