Forklift pallet physics


What I have:

  • Forklift with a rigidbody and appropriate colliders
  • Forks that move through an animator with simulated physics on. The forks themselves have box colliders
  • Pallet with rigidbody and colliders
  • Physics materials
  • List item

Wood: dynamic: 0.8, static: 0.8, bouncy: 0
Metal: dynamic: 0.6, static: 0.6, bouncy: 0

  • The forklift movement
  • List item

What the problem is:
I can pick up the pallet just fine, but when I tilt my forks back. The pallet doesn’t follow along as shown in the gif below. I have been trying to find an answer to this, but no luck so far. How do I go about fixing this issue?

EDIT: For those who would like to mess around in a project, I created a unity package which contains a dummy version of everything. Import the package, open the test scene and run it. Controls: arrow keys to move, L to move forks up, SHIFT + L to move forks down, M to tilt the forks, SHIFT + M to tilt in opposite direction.

Try adding a “Physics Material” to the Palett and the BoxCollider. The standart PhysicsMaterial hat little to no friction…

An animator with animate physics is only supposed to be used on kinematic objects. I’m surprised how well this works, but this might be the cause

I would recommend using a Joint to represent the forklift tilt and another for the elevator, and either script or animate the joint values.

Does your sliding “fork” gameobject has it’s own rigidbody? If not you’re violating basic rigidbody principles. If you lift and tilt that fork inside a single rigidbody object, it’s no longer a rigid object.

Also make sure the physics material of your fork and your pallet colliders have a high friction value. Keep in mind that the frictionCombine value controls what actual friction value will be used. See PhysicMaterialCombine for more information.