Formatting issues with migrated posts

Hi there. I saw few posts that got seriously mangled after relocation from legacy website. There are posts where half of it content is broken like this:

<em><em><em>_*text*_</em></em></em> example

_*text*_ example example

*text* example example


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Yes some of the data from the legacy site was …let’s use the phrase not very clean…we are going to try and fix the content where we find these, so please let us know if you find any that impact you.

Cant promise how quickly we will fix them but we is a working on it.


So posts with HTML markup won’t work?

I just updated these examples based on the original posts.

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No HTML markup does work but somemposts were corrupted so they did not migrate clean. we are fixing them as we find them

What should we do when sb encounters more of corrupted posts like that? Tag, report them or just try fixing them manually on our own?

Letting these old posts rot would be a big waste of knowledge that accumulated over these years.

While we’re at it, another type of such cases here: I’ve found that one of my old post’s link is visited but it leads to nowhere after the migration:
This link used to work I think. But I am not sure how to fix it.

Also finding it probably reveals not a single case but a whole category of cases that are out there.

Well it seems that it sometimes doesn’t recognise markdown code blocks properly. As a result a lot of code got completely broken as any square brakets in the code are now somehow interpreted as BB codes and further mangled it seems. This makes a lot of content completely broken. I just came about my old trial-key generator.

Regarding the same post, it seems “direct answer links” also doesn’t redirect properly / at all. I have used direct links to answers countless of times. So if they aren’t fixed a huge chunk of answers would be kinda useless :slight_smile:

So t

if you can fix them then please do if not then flag them to us and we will fix them

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So the data we see looks like this

Which is why they are not rendering, most code blocks have worked but we have a few that didn’t, this could be because of a migration error or because the original data wasn’t clean. We know that most of the formating did come through ok and that in other cases the original data wasn’t that clean so we are siding on that one.

On the links inside posts its odd as some are working some are not we are investigating that one at the moment. Our aim is to fix every thing we find as we go, to return this to the useful resource it was and will be again

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Kind of a stale subject rn but I am still seeing these kind of posts from time to time. And, judging by link click counters >0, it looks like some desperate souls try to read them (more like decipher).

Excuse my impatience but I still hope you guys are still working on a solution to automate finding and/or fixing these :nerd_face:

We are working through them and if you find them if you flag them with the Broken code tag ( you as a mod can tag them ) we are fixing them by hand at the moment, working on a more scalable solution

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Can you please fix the code in this post? How to export .OBJ from Editor with rescaled mesh?

If anyone want’s to know if this issue is resolved - run these google queries:

3 x 0 search hits means it’s mostly resolved already.