Forum File Upload issue

File Upload, the maximum file size it 4MB according to the dialog, but I'm trying to upload a file that is 2.8mb and it says the file is too large, can you fix this BUG.


Hi piggybank1974... I'll pass your request on to the team that maintain the forum. (It's not a doc issue.)


Hi Graham,

Thanks I couldn't find anywhere else to put it, if this gets fix then I could upload my small project for users cheers again.

Hi, what file format were you trying to upload?

zip file it said it was to large, I wonder if it was a Microsoft edge thing??

I just zipped up my project(only standard zip not Winzip)

I've just tried it again on Chrome here is the error.

The File is 2.822mb, should be fine I can send it to you if you like??

2805138--203706--Forum Error.png

Yes, please send it to me so I can check it out. Hard to know exactly why it's not working for you (it should be fine.)

If sending through PM doesn't work, try sharing it using another service rather than uploading. That way we can download it and try to figure out why it's hitting the upload limit.