Forward too slow

Hi, i use Instatiate for create a clone and then I am trying to move that object but it is too slow, i wrote this:

void attack(){

Rigidbody att2;

att2 = Instantiate (att, attCoo.position,attCoo.rotation) as Rigidbody;



but it is too slow, if i wrote attCoo.forward10000 has the same speed of attCoo.forward5,
why ? what should i do?
Thank you

Looks like the MaxVelocity of the rigidbody prevents it from going any faster.
AddForce with 5000 should be VERY fast if you use normal units in your scene.
Might be something else but you can look into it. Hope you figure it out.

(Ofcourse the Mass and drag etc. will also affect this, but since it’s the same speed with any value I think it might be MaxVelocity that is causing it)