Found Spheres Colliders and add it to cloth spheres colliders

I whant a script that find spheres colliders in all the scene and then add to the cloth spheres colliders
I am trying this but I get an error;I am Beginner. 151413-collider.png
I am trying this script:

    private Cloth cloth;
    public SphereCollider[] colliders;

    void Start()
        cloth = GetComponent<Cloth>();
        colliders = FindObjectsOfType<SphereCollider>();

    void Update()
        if (colliders != null)
            colliders = cloth.sphereColliders; //This line give me an error :(

you’re not adding colliders to cloth.sphereColliders as per your question from the header.

instead of this:

colliders = cloth.sphereColliders;

do this:

cloth.sphereColliders = colliders;