fps after transform

i do this:

function Start(){ child = transform.Find("man"); } // man is FBX model,i pushed it in FPS

and then in programm:

child.transform.eulerAngles.x=180; // i think: so i rotate only iner object of PFS

After this,when i press “cursor-UP” my FPS fly in the sky :frowning:
I think FPS must to go forward in this case.
What hapend ???

In 2010 were a lot of other game engines - its did not become popular because there was nobody to help novice programmers. Your fault that will happens with Unity. I have successfully made ​​the 3d game by Microsoft C++ with OpenGL and DirrectX libraries. Unity is not a cross-platform - even GUI-Button-Events different work in Android and Windows. There are good alternatives: JMonky,Cryengine3,Marmalade,Corona,ShiVa-3d,MoSync SDK, and World wait DeltaEngine. Unity have no good documentation.

You don’t want to rotate 180 degrees around x, it will turn your character upside-down. Do you mean y? Where do you want your charater to rotate to?

Also note that setting a rotation angle directly will cause your view to jump, not animate. Please look at any of the tutorials to find several methods on how to smoothly change a character’s orientation instead.

instead of a step forward, I take off