FPS arms issue

I am trying to make a game in which you are an fps shooter, and it is gonna be multiplayer. The fun twist to this game is that it will only be coded by CHAT GPT 3.5, and I can only edit the code it produces. I have the movement and basic setup done to where you can have two players(capsules) on separate games on a small platform with basic first-person movement and look capabilities. I now am trying to add a rigged model that all the players except yourself will see, and arms that only you will see, that will carry the gun. Since it is a multiplayer game, and thus uses a single identical prefab for each character, I have no clue how to make a layer that lets you see none of their arms, but can see their bodies, but cant see your bodies, but can see your arms. I am really confused because I don’t know what to do from here and I don’t think an Arms layer and a Body layer will work, because I want to be able to see other player’s bodies but not the arms.
Any help is greatly appreciated, happy thanks giving,

Basically, you want to the player to not be able to see their own body only arms, and other players should be able to see the arms and bodies of that player correct?
if so you could try changing the camera clipping distance(make the “close” field bigger)

Hey, randomly decided to give my 2 cents of advice!
You can easily do this by disabling either the renderer or gameobject you have for each pair of arms and bodies etc, or, alternatively, make them on a different layer, not rendered by the camera.
So for all clients except yourself, set their First Person View body/arms to be disabled, and do the opposite for yourself.

EDIT: Also, you can set which layers can be seen from a camera by setting it’s Culling Mask, in the Camera class settings, via Inspector or through Code.