FPS character controller directions swapped

I’ve a character that is required to move by keyboard actions. I’ve used the standard FPS character controller script. but I’ve found that when I press ‘a’/‘d’ it moves forward/backward instead of right/left, when pressing ‘w’/‘s’ it moves right/left instead of forward/backward. Here are my Input settings.
thanks in advance.

I think this is the problem I had before and spent ages trying to solve it.

Usually the mesh or the object you are moving is facing a wrong axis position.
TO fix this:

    1. Select the object
    1. Bring up the rotation axis
  1. 3)Rotate along the blue axis so that
    in the inspector you get the
    negative value to what you already
    had in the inspector - for example
    180 must be changed to say -180 or
    -180 has to be changed to 180.
    1. Play mode and test.
    1. if it does not work:
    1. keep rotating all axis even Z
      axis until you can find your
      original position.


Go into the object and select in the inspector the cog|settings icon. Then click reset value. Go into play mode and test.