FPS constructor

Hi I’m planning on buying the dastardly banana FPS constructor and considering its $75 I want to make sure it’s worth my money so here are my questions

1 is it easy to use

2 I know very basic scripting will I have a hard time using it

3 I’m quite familiar with unity at this point and have done the main fps tutorial will I be able to get it right away or will I find myself drowning in a sea of confusion

4 how well does it work

5 is it worth my money

6 is the user/costumer support good

7 will I regret buying it

I know that’s a lot to ask but it would help me greatly thank you all in advance


its a link on the web site for the old version 0.95 it has most of the same features and its free. try this out first then decide if you want the update. hope it help.

This is Jason form Dastardly Banana (it won’t let me login using my normal account for some reason).

  1. As a general rule, yes. Everything is set up with editors and has prefabs already built. It is especially easy if you start anything new (like a weapon from one of the prefabs.

  2. You don’t need to know any scripting to use it. If you want to extend it there are plenty of places where you can script your own behaviors but it is not required.

  3. It has a lot more features than the FPS tutorial, but most of it comes down to setting values you like andit hides any information that you don’t need. It shouldn’t be hard to get started, especially if you just mess around in the demo scene a bit first.

  4. You can try out the demo scene for a sample. I think it works very well :p.

  5. The $75 gets you a full-fledged FPS system with example weapons (including cool ones like seeking missiles and lasers), mobile support and controls, and a full upgrade system as well as any future updates.

  6. We will answer any questions you have, and even work directly in your project to fix issues. We have yet to run into a customer whose problem we couldn’t solve! Just email info@dastardlybanana.com or post on our support forums if something comes up.

  7. Nope!