FPS controller and mouseLook problem

Hi guys,

I have been trying to solve this problem for the last few hours and have been searching unityAnswers and google for similar questions but nothing has come up that specifically works for me, so here I go:

I have a FPS controller on my player but I have made the camera to be top down to make the view 2.5d. Fps controller so far has met my needs but the mouse look is a bit of a problem as I want it to force the player to look on the X and Z but not the Y. I have not found how to change this even though I have been fiddling with MouseLook and the other script but they seem to change nothing (why?).

So the question is: How do I remove the player looking at the mousealong the Y axis but still can look along X and Z?

If you want to change the Y axis to be the Z axis using the MouseLook script, just go ahead and edit it, swapping the correct components in all of the rotation/transformation equations in the script.

The script has an option of choosing axis as well, so you could also add one to the enum at its beginning and code up that option.