FPS controller full body animation ik clipping

Hello, I’ve this bug on my fps controller full body I am doing where my hand clipping some time. I don’t know why:

and this my camera config:

Thx for helping and sorry for my english .
Thx for future answer

This is not clipping. Camera clipping “cuts” mesh in half, very rarely makes it disappear and appear like that. It looks more like an issue with render bounds.

  1. Select Skinned Mesh Renderer
  2. Look for Bounds property (wireframe box should appear in the Scene View to visualize it)
  3. Make this Bounds something like 2x bigger that the mesh is
  4. Try again

Incorrect Collider Sizes:

  • Ensure colliders on the arms, hands, and torso accurately match their model dimensions.
  • Pay close attention to colliders near joints and areas where clipping occurs.