FPS controller prefab and grenade script

I have a grenade prefab, with an explosion script using this code :

var colliders : Collider[] = Physics.OverlapSphere( transform.position, explosionRadius );
for( var hit in colliders )
        if( hit.rigidbody )
            hit.rigidbody.AddExplosionForce( explosionPower,
            transform.position, explosionRadius );

It woks well for object, but the FPS controller prefab (from Standard Asset) is not pushed back (it is a character controller), and applying a collider/rigidbody to the FPS controller doesn't work as expected.

How can I make the script working for character controller and standards object (collider + rigidbody) ?

This question deals with some of the same issues


You should be able to transfer the concept to this problem.

Another way to do it would be creating an empty gameobject (with a rigidbody) at the moment of the explosion that will be affected by the force, and by script temporarily parenting your character to the empty gameobject.

From what I know a character controller is Kinematic and thus doesn't react to rigid body physics. I am debating what a good course of action is myself. I am not sure how your game design is, but I can't imagine a player knocked back and still alive, so you can create a ragdoll equivalent, controll a character as a normal rigid body and self implement a character controller, or disable the character controller for the period of time you want ballistics.