FPS Controller problem: character only runs in place after scaling.

Hey guys, total Unity noob here.
So I’m using Unity’s FPSController, first time I added it to my scene it worked fine but was too small/short compared to other game objects, the default scale is 1x1x1, so I tried to scale it up, it looked how I wanted but now the character only runs in its place (it actually looks like it’s running and jumping at the same time) and refuses to move unless I set the scale back to 1x1x1.
I’m using Unity 2019.3.3f1.

Any advice on how to fix this will be very much appreciated.


Hello @leenash9702 !
You can try changing “Radius” and “Height” in the “Character Controller” component in the inspector. Hope it works.

Make sure you’ve scaled the whole object and not just a part inside of it.